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Monday, July 23rd, 2018

Progressive Left-Wing Ideologues have continuously succeeded in inducting the passionate support of college students, immigrants, and many minority-groups by ignoring truth while using an age-old formula that works: One of Alinsky`s tricks, was to hijack agencies that disseminate messages by distorting language to build the key ingredient of “the false narrative”. They then keep imprinting this false narrative – intensely, graphically and repetitively, no matter how much factual reality contradicts it.

What was the disaster at Trump`s Helsinki Summit with Putin ?

Tuesday, July 17th, 2018

This is the reason why the term “lynch-mob” is an apt comparison to the disaster fabricated by Trump`s adversaries at the Helsinki Summit with Putin.
Following an exhausting trip to a NATO meeting and meetings with Theresa May about Trade and Brexit: Facing a street-mob, and culminating a week – where he struggled to salvage America`s economic survival; and salvage the chances of Briton`s actual survival, (being led by a feckless Theresa May) from existential absorption by the European League (despite voting for Brexit).
An elaborate combination of adverse circumstances was set-up to fabricate a crises by a mob of multinational journalists: Trump was dared to scold Putin publicly for his bad behavior in front of the world. Trump`s response was “I heard the explanation by the Defendant (Putin), but the evidence presented by the Plaintiff (the Democratic National Counsel`s dossier, FISA Warrant, etc.) has been removed from the crime-scene”.
That was all the lynch-mob needed to cry “treason”, a call which would then be echoed by the entire Resist-Trump movement.

Attack by the Resistance Movement: How the Mainstream Media and Government Institutions have coddled anarchy by the Radical Left.

Wednesday, June 27th, 2018

When a point is reached where the combination of threat-indicators meets a certain threshold, some consideration should also be given to the perception of the victim. In this analogy, a rush on the fence of a nation’s borders is no different to an attack on the members of a household. Using the power of disinformation, the public is manipulated into the perception that the victim is really the predator. The moral imperative is then placed on the individual under threat to justify any use of force to fend-off “the barbarians at the gate”.