July 23rd, 2018

An important method used by the Deep State derives from the Saul Alinsky rule-book fashioned for the Bolsheviks in the Russian Revolution in 1917. The outcome of that revolution was not only the imposition of Communist Rule on the Russian people, but all the misery inflicted by the ideology of the Left-Wing. Initially, it must cast some form of spell on the young ideologists seduced by its promises of a Utopia where The State provides everything for nothing. But when these populations awoke from the mental fog that was imposed on them, what they discovered, instead of bliss, was the imposition of tyranny accompanied by food-lines, thought-police, poverty, oppression, and life-long subservience to the State and Supreme Leader. Its always ended that way: (see Eastern Europe under the reign of Communism; Cuba; the Republic of North Korea, and more-recently, Venezuela).

Progressive Left-Wing Ideologues have continuously succeeded in inducting the passionate support of college students, immigrants, and many minority-groups by ignoring truth while using an age-old formula that works: One of Alinsky`s tricks, was to hijack agencies that disseminate messages by distorting language to build the key ingredient of “the false narrative”. They then keep imprinting this false narrative – intensely, graphically and repetitively, no matter how much factual reality contradicts it.

Take one example of how the Left-Wing Democrats do it. The Party protecting the rights of immigrants are the Republicans. How couldn`t we be, since either we ourselves, our parents, or great-parents were immigrants. In contrast, the Democrats support the notion of creating chaos and anarchy. That`s the only way they can rule. But to accomplish that, they must create situations that lead to masses of people overwhelming the borders, bypassing existing laws, creating the effects of an invasion – that of social chaos. Then, having succeeded in destabilizing the host nation with a demographic take-over, bringing massive debt with collective identity-confusion, take ownership of that process by calling it “immigration”. That`s why, when President Trump, in a generous gesture toward showing his commitment to the needs of the “Dreamers”, agreed to a path toward permanent and legal residence of 2 million aliens ushered illegally across the border as children or born in the U.S. to non-residents, it was unanimously vetoed by the Democratic Party. The prospect of losing ownership of the title of being the “party for immigrants” had to be resisted at any cost. Even if it meant blocking the hopes of Dreamers ever becoming Americans.

Take another example: Carrying out a bloodless coup (minus Hillary`s Execution Squads), requires the powerful imprinting on the Collective American Consciousness that Trump committed a crime so heinous, that the public would demand impeachment. Whether it happened or not was of no important. Alinsky had showed again and again that if you imprint on the public a narrative frequently enough would create a reality of its own. If your audience had been softened by decades of indoctrination: In the colleges, by the media, by immigrant groups, with the facilitation of all the Social-media Platforms. But of most importance – through the Intelligence Agencies using loyalist carry-overs from Obama`s Intelligence Agencies still taking their orders from Obama like Comey, Rosenstein, Mueller, Brennan and the others running the shadow-government loaded to step-in once the impeachment process would begin. The role of the Press-Conference following the Helsinki Summit between Trump and Putin was to bait Trump into making a statement condemning Putin for his election tampering. The Tabloids could use that to flash to the world that Trump confessed to the role of the Russians meddling in the 2016 elections. That could easily be bundled into a narrative that Trump had confessed. While Trump had just completed a grueling meeting with NATO leaders, Theresa May, and the Queen, Trump stepped into the Press Conference 4.30 a.m. his time.  While not “on top of his game” as usual, his intuition told him not to take the bait. Agreeing with U.S. Intelligence would be spun as agreeing with the Deep-State.

With Tom Fitton at “Judicial Watch” exposing more and more depth of corruption within the Mueller Investigation, Trump could say anything so long as not agree with the Investigation into tampering. Only because in the eyes of the fake media, “tampering” and “collusion” were going to spun as one and the same thing. Every Day of the week, on all media-outlets, in all 50 States of the U.S. and throughout the world, between now and the Mid-Terms. Following the Mid-Terms, the theory would become reality anyway. We would all be living in the fake-narrative, since there would be no other. Just like Lee Harvey Oswald`s assassination of J.F.K. and Ben Laden`s destruction of the World Trade Center.

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