What was the disaster at Trump`s Helsinki Summit with Putin ?

July 17th, 2018

On 7/16/2018 Mark Levin used Trump`s Helsinki Summit with Putin to address the dynamics behind that “gotcha” moment.

In our context it refers to the web that the Democrats and Mainstream Media are constantly setting for the President America voted for by a majority of the electoral vote.

Last week, Trump left for the most important, complex, and conflicted meetings with the leaders of NATO, P.M. of the U.K., the Queen, and (in case that wasn`t enough), a summit with Putin, a fearless, experienced, dictator (who illustrated just that in his interview with Mike Wallace).

Prior to his departure, Mueller served a subpoena to 14 Russian businessmen and diplomats, just to ensure Putin would be in a welcoming mood. Trump`s meetings with NATO and Theresa May were combative but successful, May being confronted for slow-walking Brexit, which, as a globalist, she wants no part of.

No-one in the media mentioned Trump`s knock-out question to May about trade between her and the U.S.: “How can I negotiate with you when everything has to be approved by Brussels ?”. Trump also extracted an extra $100 Billion from NATO to assist the U.S. defending Europe against Russia, that “Evil Empire” they`re building a pipeline to that will enrich their adversary for ever, aside from creating a strategically ill-advised total dependence on any adversary.

Trump`s question to Markel was “why not build a pipeline to the U.S., your `closest ally`, rather than becoming so energy – dependent on your adversary, for whom we have to fit the bill to earn that privilege of being labelled ally?”

Trump was then scooted off to Helsinki where he met privately with Putin, from 2 a.m. to 4 a.m. (applying Trumps timeline). Then, at 4.30 a.m. (Trumps time), he was placed in front of the lynch-mob of media correspondents, each looking to outdo his/her competitor to hit the tabloids with that “gotcha” moment .

I use that word because based on past performance, they lack any sense of interest into any positive developments that may have transpired during the meeting of Superpowers, never in history closer to the brink of W.W.-3. No, it was all about baiting Trump into confronting Putin, publicly, in a Press-Conference Televised to the world.

The correspondent demanded of Trump, to “Here and now, in front of the world, reprimand Putin for tampering in our election”.

This is why it was disingenuous:

1) It`s well established, that election cyber-manipulation has been going on for years between all counties with cyber-capability.

2) Trump has been under investigation for allowing and colluding with Russia`s election tampering which drags on for 2 years without any iota of proof.

3) The issue of hacking has now been conflated with the fabrication of “collusion” by Obama`s appointees and loyalists – corrupt leaders and professional bureaucrats in the F.B.I., CIA, N.S.A. and State Department – a new generation of political Mobsters (once known as “Party Loyalists”), who take their orders from the Deep State elites, like the Clinton Foundation, George Soros, Obama, Brennan, Comey, Rosenstein, and the left-wing of the New Socialist-Democratic Party, and who happen to present a greater threat to the survival of our Democracy than Russia.

(I`m sure that during their long meeting, Putin and Trump discussed this matter, since they`re the only ones in the world who know beyond doubt that there wasn`t collusion and therefor have the luxury of probing the intentions of those who invented this blood-libel).

Exhausted, stepping onto the stage, but before finding his comfort-zone behind the podium, Trump was hit by a sucker-punch from one of the multinational correspondents: Would he now confront Putin in front of the entire world with a public scolding ? 

The only way to survive such a challenge is to go generic, which is what Trump did. He was answering the wider issue of tampering, collusion, and the entire underlying narrative of Russia`s interference in the 2016 (which has been debunked dozens of times as having been significant-enough to having affected the outcome. He had also heard Putin`s explanation of what had happened.

What actually happened with any election-meddling is even more difficult to establish when the plaintiff (the Department of Justice, headed by Jeff Sessions who has recused himself and been replaced by ‘bad-cop' Rosenstein). He refuses to handover any of the e-mails, messages, or other documents relevant to the charges being made, such as “who was the FISA Judge whom the FBI found to serve the warrant authorizing the pre-dawn raids on Trump`s Campaign-Manager Manafort, and the  seizure from his personal attorney, seizing all of his client-protected documents going back to the days of Trump as a Property-Developer?”

Such a raid would have been more appropriate to establish the identity of “who gave the stand-down order not to rescue our Embassy Staff in Libya ?” (But that doesn`t count since it was either Obama or Hillary Clinton who are always protected from such draconian measures).

Now this incestuous wolf-pack had it`s moment on the world-stage, expecting the same level of authority and compliance granted them by the U.S. Congress.

But, since the entire story is being spun by the Mainstream Media – Deep-State employees and sycophants, who therefore enjoy the luxury of spinning the narrative as “Trump being more partial to his adversary than his Intelligence Agencies”.

Which is exactly how they spun it.

That`s why “lynch-mob” is an apt comparison.

But to Trump, the devil is in the details. Facing a street-mob, and culminating a week – where he struggled to salvage America`s economic survival; and salvage the chances of Briton`s actual survival, (being led by a feckless Theresa May) from existential absorption by the European League (despite voting for Brexit).

And this was his crime for which this elaborate combination of adverse circumstances was set: “I heard the explanation by the Defendant (Putin), but the evidence presented by the Plaintiff (the Democratic National Counsel`s dossier, FISA Warrant, etc.) has been removed from the crime-scene”.

That was all the lynch-mob needed to cry “treason”, a call which would then be echoed by the entire Resist-Trump movement.


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