Natural Disasters


March 19th, 2020

Gene sequencing analysis strongly suggest that COVID-19, the current deadly viral pandemic, the virus originated in bats. which originated in Wuhan, China Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) resulted from bats before being transferred to humans in wet-markets via civet cats. These wet-markets create conditions conducive to the spread of the viruses responsible for both COVID-19 and SARS. While the bottom fell out of the Stock-market, creating a world-wide recession Professor Didier Raoult, Advisor to the French Government on COVID-19, announced that a majority of 24 non-randomized patients in Southern France responded to a short treatment trial of  hydroxychloroquine, a well-established drug for the prevention and treatment of Malaria.

PTSD- A comparison between genocide and natural disasters.

August 24th, 2011

PTSD- A comparison between genocide and natural disasters. Emotional well-being depends on a nurturing environment that ensures consistent basic material and emotional necessities. Natural or man-made disasters (such as civil war or genocide) can cause terrible personal loss, injuries, illness, and loss of vital resources. While the survivors of such tragedies may recover from their Read more…