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What was the disaster at Trump`s Helsinki Summit with Putin ?

Tuesday, July 17th, 2018

This is the reason why the term “lynch-mob” is an apt comparison to the disaster fabricated by Trump`s adversaries at the Helsinki Summit with Putin.
Following an exhausting trip to a NATO meeting and meetings with Theresa May about Trade and Brexit: Facing a street-mob, and culminating a week – where he struggled to salvage America`s economic survival; and salvage the chances of Briton`s actual survival, (being led by a feckless Theresa May) from existential absorption by the European League (despite voting for Brexit).
An elaborate combination of adverse circumstances was set-up to fabricate a crises by a mob of multinational journalists: Trump was dared to scold Putin publicly for his bad behavior in front of the world. Trump`s response was “I heard the explanation by the Defendant (Putin), but the evidence presented by the Plaintiff (the Democratic National Counsel`s dossier, FISA Warrant, etc.) has been removed from the crime-scene”.
That was all the lynch-mob needed to cry “treason”, a call which would then be echoed by the entire Resist-Trump movement.