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Identifying and Recovering from Psychological Trauma: A Psychiatrist’s Guide for Victims of Childhood Abuse, Spousal Battery, and Political Terrorism
In this invaluable resource, psychiatrist Brian Trappler explains how victims of childhood abuse, spousal battery, and political terrorism can identify and recover from posttraumatic stress disorder and other forms of psychological trauma.

Drawing on his extensive experience treating patients with psychological trauma, Dr. Trappler guides readers through the process of analyzing symptoms, deciding at what point to seek medical care, and deciding between the various treatment options, including individual and group psychotherapies, meditation, and drug therapies.

Questions addressed in the book include: What is psychological trauma? Is posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) a unique type of trauma? Can I be a victim of trauma and not know it? What are the symptoms of trauma? Are there special methods for trauma recovery? Will my life be different after I recover from my trauma? What is the effect of aging on trauma survivors? Are there differences between individual and group psychological therapies? Can meditation help me recover from trauma? What are the effects and limitations of drug therapies in treating trauma?

In Identifying and Recovering from Psychological Trauma, victims of childhood abuse, spousal battery, and political terrorism–regardless of gender, age, or ethnic background–will find the answers to the most important questions about psychological trauma.