Trump and Cruz need a narrative to protect us from the disinformation-warfare of the Left.

March 24th, 2016

The problem with resolution of the current controversy about how to respond to the threat facing our security:
Where Victor Frankl’s emphasis on “meaning-therapy” would show, is framed
in identifying the proposals without falling victim to distortion of word-meanings.
The argument used by both Clinton and Sanders is that vigorous surveillance and a visible police -presence would impose a mini-authoritarian state on a distinct ethnic group and would violate their civil rights.
You can`t fight against that argument is that its proponents, the globalists, have enforced the system they now seek to prevent. Namely: the security of a country begins at the community level. The ability of a city-cop to rise in the ranks to the level of captain in the same precinct, no-longer happens.
The first-responders in the area of surveillance, are the eyes of a community. The community is the social environment that will spot that person who doesn`t fit or belong.
But they`re more likely to share that information with officers in a precinct when they’ve bonded with over years. The globalists crying foul ensure that cops are constantly rotated out of communities before being allowed to bond. That`s what you want to do if you`re preparing for central control.
Trump and Cruz need to change the narrative to one that is winnable. The real description of the system we`re looking to promote is “embedding”. Having police embedded in the community encourages bonding with all the town-folk: From their religious and political leaders, to the simple guy on the street.
In contrast to that, while in the U.S. we don’t have “no-go zones” as they have in Europe, having free-access to policing every community based on needs and resources is as important a civil-government function as is sanitation and postal-service.
No country can survive the persistent presence of a sub-population while harboring, even incubating value-systems that are both alien and hostile to the host nation.
That`s why the legitimate process of becoming Naturalized involves disavowing any previous affiliation with a world-view that is either incompatible or antagonistic to the host country.
A country cannot survive if infested with neighborhoods that protect, nurture, and hibernate terrorists. Not from any ethnic or racial group.
But you don`t present that argument as being that of a “mini police-state” so that you can demolish that model on civil-violation grounds.
These are parallels between the conflict that the West now faces carries a resemblance to the toxic module cast on Israel regarding their dilemma with the Palestinians. (The Lubavitcher Rebbe forbade the use of that word, because he was an accurate linguist and the “minority-community” involved in the challenge of the right of the Jews to the land of Israel are not really “Palestinians”.
Under the Oslo Accords Israel was cut in half, using a “time-release” model. Areas A, B, and C, would move from control by the I.D.F. to the P.L.O. in stages involving Israeli, to shared Israeli-P.A., to P.A. only.
I bogged the story of how Israeli Culture-Minister Lenore Livnat bemoaned the murder of her nephew who was killed by the P.A. while on a pilgrimage to the Shrine of Joseph after Schem had recently been ceded by the Israeli Authorities to the P.A. The bullet-proof bus wasn’t sufficient protection when coming under fire by the P.A. to the Jewish pilgrims’ shot by a gang of P.A. attacking Jews for visiting the shrine of their forefather. The dynamic imposed on Israel being forced to cede half of their country to a “no-go” zone”, which will not even tolerate Jews as pilgrims, was the derivative of the demoralization and coercion (see B.D.S) of one nation to be occupied by an entity consisting of an amalgam of Fatah and Chamas, manufactured and indoctrinated by Post-Holocaust Europe be its antithesis.
And the empirical evidence learned by that nation`s experience, is that the less of a presence (less-embedded) areas are responsible for most of the fatalities inflicted on its host.
And the prevention of the implementation of common-sense security (unharnessing the host-nation from the self-restraints imposed on it by the Israeli Progressive-Left), is what jeopardizes its own survival.
City`s like Hevron, where Jews have no access or presence, is where terrorists of all colours (including I.S.I.S) hibernate and plan their attacks daily, and with impunity.
That`s what we now find in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, the U.K. and Denmark. Domestic terrorists are inspired inducted, bribed, and financed to travel to Syria, Algeria, Iraq, Afghanistan and other hot combat-zones where they are trained in domestic terrorism, before returning to their host nations to unleash their savagery with an unprecedented level of lethal sophistication.

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