Sergei Skripal was probably poisoned by M-16 and blamed on Putin because of his close relationship with Christopher Steele.

May 16th, 2018

Sergei Skripal, was convicted in Russia of spying for the U.K. and had been living in Britain as part of a spy swap. Sergei and his daughter Yulia were found unconscious on a park bench on March 4. Investigators believe they were poisoned by the banned radioactive chemical – Novichok.

In an appearance on Russian TV and in several interviews since the attack, Viktoria Skripal — Yulia’s cousin — said her ailing relatives planned to seek political asylum and raised doubts about the British government’s account of the poisoning.

Britain alleged they were poisoned with a Soviet-developed nerve agent, and blamed Russia despite their vehement denial of involvement in the pair’s poisoning, which triggered a diplomatic crisis between Moscow and London.

The former Russian double agent who was poisoned in the U.K. happens to be linked to the former British intelligence Christopher Steele, authored of the infamous and fictitious Trump–Russia dossier, which had led to the appointment of Robert Mueller as a Special Counsel, designed to impeach the U.S. president for colluding with the Russians.

Christopher Steele came under intense scrutiny ever since his 35-page salacious dossier was smuggled into Congress by John McCain, then quickly leaked to the Press.

The Steele dossier consists of fabricated links of Trump to the Russians, creating an ambiance of exotic espionage in which the FBI gathered intelligence on the Trump Campaign using anonymous informants and the intelligence community at large, fueling sufficient ambiguity to create the optics that Trump`s collusion with the Russians led to his surprise election to the White House in 2016. has been able to elude extradition to the U.S. by the Special Investigation looking into the origins. The dossier has yet to be completely verified but has dogged Trump and only intensified accusations of deeper ties to Russia.

While Devin Nunes, who heads the bi-partisan House Intelligence Committee has been unable to have Steele extradited for questioning, Sergei Skripal was privy to Steele`s activities, and might have been willing to share his information with House Intelligence Committee.

This might have created a boomerang-effect, throwing doubt onto the Special Investigation against an incumbent President, not only because it was based on Steele`s dossier, but the extreme measures taken by British Intelligence Sources in burying the false allegations used to obtain the FISA Warrant used to throw Mueller`s surveillance-net around the Trump Campaign.

According to the report by McCarthy in the National Review, Counterintelligence involves national-security powers, and it is a weighty matter to apply these powers — as opposed to criminal-investigative authorities — to American citizens. The committee therefore wanted to know what foreign intelligence had spurred the probe.

When Nunes was finally allowed to look at the Electronic Communication (EC)- only after threatening contempt proceedings against Justice Department officials, by which the FBI opened its counterintelligence-investigation, there was no such report, no “Five Eyes intelligence product” at all.

Christopher Steele went into hiding as soon as his dossier hit the press, returning to work at his private intelligence agency named Orbis Business Intelligence Ltd, on the 7th of March, three days after the public attack on Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia.

With Steele out of sight, and in the absence of their own Special Counsel with subpoena powers to interview sources of interest within the Foreign Services Committee, Nunes and his House Intelligence Committee remained floundering as to the source-material for the FISA Warrant – set-up to begin impeachment proceedings against the fledgling American President, still trying to find his feet in a political minefield, once the Democratic Party reclaimed the majority in the pending Mid-Term Elections.

In the Intelligence World, a basic operating rule is to seal all potential witnesses, as we learned so painfully during the Warren Commission into JFK`s assassination.

This is where the motive appears: Inadvertently, through his close relationship with Christopher Steele, Sergei Skripal had become a hazard to the secret society in the Intelligence Underworld, and Britain`s role in framing Trump. Until now this had been well protected. To keep it that way it became convenient to bury the evidence.

Framing Putin was a no-brainer, and easy to accomplish through the MSM, given his existing vilification for his threat to the One-World Order.

Truth be told, Putin lacked any motive to dispense of the Skripals on foreign soil.

To consolidate that scapegoating maneuver became an urgent priority, using the reliable compliance of the U.N. Security Counsel. Following an Emergency Session, the Russians found themselves floundering for explanations, given their existing bad-record regarding micro-chemical attacks against political dissidents. Blinded to events on the ground, even the U.S. joined in the condemnation of Russia for conducting a Chemical Attack on it`s ally Great Britain. Little did the U.S. know that she was in fact becoming an enabler in burying the evidence that remained the potential clue to the conspiracy to remove their President from Office.

The difference here was that Sergei Skripal posed no threat to Putin or the Russians. His case had been settled via spy-swap years earlier.

It now becomes easier to understand the context for Putin announcing that all students and Russian Citizens in London should leave immediately, as he planned an imminent Nuclear Radio-Magnetic Impulse attack on London.


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