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Sergei Skripal was probably poisoned by M-16 and blamed on Putin because of his close relationship with Christopher Steele.

Wednesday, May 16th, 2018

Inadvertently, through his close relationship with Christopher Steele, Sergei Skripal had become a hazard to the secret society in the Intelligence Underworld, and Britain`s role in framing Trump. According to the report by McCarthy in the National Review, Counterintelligence involves national-security powers, and it is a weighty matter to apply these powers — as opposed to criminal-investigative authorities — to American citizens. The committee therefore wanted to know what foreign intelligence had spurred the probe.
When Nunes was finally allowed to look at the Electronic Communication by which the FBI opened its counterintelligence-investigation, there was no such report, no “Five Eyes intelligence product” at all. To consolidate that scapegoating maneuver became an urgent priority, using the reliable compliance of the U.N. Security Counsel. Following an Emergency Session, the Russians found themselves floundering for explanations, given their existing bad-record regarding micro-chemical attacks against political dissidents. Blinded to events on the ground, even the U.S. joined in the condemnation of Russia for conducting a Chemical Attack on it`s ally Great Britain. Little did the U.S. know that she was in fact becoming an enabler in burying the evidence that remained the potential clue to the conspiracy to remove their President from Office. Truth be told, Putin lacked any motive to dispense of the Skripals on foreign soil.