Messiah’s Light Explained

July 5th, 2016

While the concept of “Revelation” appears obtuse, abstract, and an ethereal dream to most, Maimonides (the Rambam) brings it both as A Positive Mitzvah in the Book of Judges, in the section “The Laws of Kings and their Wars”; as well as one of the Fundamental Principles of Jewish Faith (Ikkarim).
Maimonides (The Rambam), goes on to describe that anyone who doesn`t believe, and await the arrival of Moshiach not only shows a lack of true belief in Torah, but in the Prophet Moses, and God Himself.
Lurianic Mysticism explains Moshiach as being central to the understanding of his Anthropomorphic System of Celestial Sefiros, the Power of the Letters of the Alphabet, and their computations in the Structure of God`s Attributes.
In order for the Infinite Power of the Creator, to co-exist with His creations, God has to contract Himself, creating a seemingly empty vacuum. That empty-space (Makom Panai), God-then proceeds to unfold and manifest His Presence.
But unlike an artist who creates the form of his creation purely from within the inspiration of his Soul, God chose that his creation would be given the opportunity to participate in a joint-enterprise.
Guided by a moral system of Law, contained in the “Oath” taken between God and Early Man, later revealed at Sinai to Moses, and then subsequently codified by the Oral Law, Prophets, Writings, and Songs of Praise, God gave “Man” the opportunity to personalize God, and understand the world as the sum-total of man`s moral actions, and God`s responses.
The history of the world, with its dynasties, and the Exile, are hard-wired into the Creative Process during the “Six Days of Creation”. Following the contraction of God`s light, four worlds descend. Each is a major paradigm-shift in the contraction of God`s light. The lowest world, the one which we inhabit, not only has the least amount of revealed Godliness, but is actually dominated by the forces of evil.
While there have been auspicious moments where God has revealed Himself (such as by Sinai), the ultimate revelation will occur following the Six-Thousand Years of Exile.
At this time, God will reveal “the Sun from it`s sheath”, and the world will become filled with the light that preceded the darkness of creation, during creation. Oly our virtues will protect us.

Messiah’s Light Explained:

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