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The Magical Symbolic meaning of the Hebrew Alphabet: How it pertains to Exile and Redemption

Sunday, January 28th, 2018

The significance of leaving Mitzraim, while historically corresponding to the “Exit of Egypt”, has become incorporated as an Archetypal Template to remind us (through the repetition of the Passover narrative to remind us that G-d Hears our pleas of entrapment and opens the channels to free us. The initial Exile was the sin caused by the Archetypal Reptile (תנינא). The source of the current exile is loshon Hara, (the פ, meaning the mouth). Expanding our consciousness immunizes us against the prejudice of “evil-talk”. G-d Hears our distress when we repent. Our pleas are carried by our Righteous Leaders to the Divine Name of ס’ג (Sag).