The Magical Symbolic meaning of the Hebrew Alphabet: How it pertains to Exile and Redemption

January 28th, 2018
The root of all sins originates from the “Eating from the Tree of Knowledge” (the Chet אץ הדעת is the root of מצרים) which must be understood metaphorically.
The first miracle performed against פרעה involved Moshe throwing down his מטה (staff) at פרעה’s feet – turning it into a נחש (snake) which then swallowed the נחש of the חרטמי מצרים. Yet this is not included in the 10 plagues (Makkos).
This was a remez (hint) for everything that was to follow.
The intent was a declaration of the pending nullification of the נחש הקדמוני – the Original Serpent that enticed Adam and Eve to sin.
Succumbing to the Nachash Hakadmoni (Original Serpent) became the Archetypal source of all Exile.
The significance of leaving Mitzraim, while historically corresponding to the “Exit from Egypt”, has become incorporated as an Archetypal Template to remind us (through the repetition of the Passover narrative to remind us that G-d Hears our pleas of entrapment and opens the channels to free us.
The place where Moshe confronts Pharaoh is by the יאר (River Nile).
Regarding the final redemption, Rashi, (Midrash Tehillim), explains that the remedy is found in Tehillim Kepittal פ (Psalm 80).
This is based on the observation made by the Radak on the passage יכרסמנה חזיר  מיער, that when the boars of the forest (Esau) ravage the grape-clusters (the Jewish Nation)  they cannot reach maturation for libation at the Third Temple (may it be rebuilt speedily in our days).
We see a hint in Gemora Sanhedrin קד -b, that the reason why the ע in Tehillim Kepittal פ is shrunken, is because the פ (meaning mouth) of the Spies sent by Moses to inspect the land (the Meraglim) reported that the Canaanites were invincible. By using their mouths (פ ) to precede their eyes (ע) they transgressed; by disgracing G-d`s Gift.
According to the Meiri, if the ע wasn’t suspended in Kepittal פ, we would then have the correct spelling of מאיר (river) instead of מיער (forest).
The Meiri finds a passage which refers to harmless fish found in the יאר. The transposition of ע of  the word  מיער  into the א of יאר  would cause a paradigm-shift so that rather than the clusters of grapes being trampled by the boars of the forest, the forest would be transformed into a river whereby the boars would become as harmless as fish.  That would change the final narrative of the final exile into the narrative where Moshe Rebbeinu nullified (was מבטל) the Original Serpent תנינא of the חט אץ  הדעת at the יאר.
That also explains why the Staff (מטה) consumed the Serpent (Tenina) in the First Chapter of Genesis, and is symbolized by the reenactment of the termination of the First Exile of Egypt (which corresponds literally to “constriction”) at Passover (the “Seder”). The symbol is universal.
In contrast, Original Serpent It requires that we change the shrunken ע into an א and thereby change the forest into a river (והכו לשבעה  נחלים). This symbolized expanding our consciousness and not to prejudge by being dumbed-down by the prejudice of “evil-talk”.


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