What`s Hong Kong`s beef with China ?

August 18th, 2019

Under the arrangement Hong Kong made with China, brokered by the U.K., they’re in a transitional period where they`re entitled to a certain autonomy whereby their infrastructure is modeled on Western values. The precise threat that triggered their Peaceful protests was that of extradition to the mainland for anyone under potential criminal indictment.

We all know that China’s judicial standards, using the International Court of Justice in the Hague as a model, are horrendous.

But less visible to the world audience is that the Chinese assert rule via a pervasive social credit scoring system using  Google-based surveillance software.

More can be found on the subject by reading Patrick Wood`s description published under the title ” The Elitist Trilateral Commission”.

As the 21st Century moves toward 5G for data collection, there is virtually no time-latency before someone in authority knows what you`re doing.

The use of surveillance technology for social control has been termed “technocracy”.

This new technology of gathering information on the population is already in play in China. Anyone outside of their bureaucratic loop can only guess what data must be in use to determine their algorithms, but one can speculate that political resistance and unfavorable biometrics (identifying anyone who is old, frail, and unproductive) are in the mix, determining one’s social credit score.

We all have to be weary, ensuring that appropriate regulation be in place in anticipation of this technology being implemented globally.  In the U.N., the cover word  currently in use falls under the category of  “Sustainable Resources”.

Using surveillance technology China’s version of social credit scoring already has 13 million of their citizens blacklisted. The victims complain that the  primary consequence has been their removal from the electronic grid. While these citizens might appear to be free, this technocracy has stripped 13 million of their citizens from functionality in a world  where all financial transactions are electronically driven.

So for citizens living in Hong Kong, the long arm of Beijing`s Technocracy is knocking at the door.

More can be found on the subject by watching Patrick Wood`s Youtube titled “5G: The agenda for Total Control” where he discusses “the social credit policy” youtu.be/TYfJPPqfBAs

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