Vehicular Terrorism in Jerusalem and the world`s complicity

January 9th, 2017

It would be difficult to choose between the most unfortunate military in the world. Despite the similar self-restraint dynamic under-pinning, Israel has to win the first prize. Unlike their American voluntary counterparts being forced to fight a war they`re not permitted to win, the I.D.F. consists of 18 and 19-year-old forced-enlistees together with older reservists who leave their families annually, for a month each year to upgrade their fighting skills. They are no-longer limited to protecting their fellow- citizens from unexpected stabbings by Arab teenagers, but are now engaged against veteran I.S.I.S. warriors, trained in the use of modern weapons, with multiple tours-of-duty in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan. Mothers, fathers, and children versus seasoned warriors. Yet when interviewed, these  I.D.F. recruits list I.S.I.S. as the second order of threat, the first being the Investigatory process, beginning with the Israeli Judicial Process; an almost exclusively Left-Wing High-Court; and  multiple rules of engagement (or rather disengagement). As an example, an Israeli Soldier was sentenced to 20-years of imprisonment two weeks ago for killing a terrorist for not using more restraint when shooting a terrorist on a stabbing-rampage. The terrorist was wounded, lying on the ground, and reaching inside his thick protective jacket, which the soldier interpreted as an attempt to detonate a suicide belt. Most Terrorist-Attacks today are “double-barrel”: Like a vehicular attack followed by a machete; or two car-bombs set to detonate 2-minutes apart, in order to target the wave of First-Responders. These left-Wing Judges and Military Panels follow rules set-up in the Hague. They, in turn, follow the guidelines of  the International Court of Justice, which implements resolutions in the U.N. repeatedly condemning Israeli  “War-Crimes”. This sentiment was echoed in the parting words of Ban Ki-moon. The Ruling driving this legislation is based on the Milestone Ruling of the Goldstone Report. Goldstone happened to be another Jewish “useful-idiot” whose resume boasts, that as a Judge working for the White Apartheid South African Government, he ordered more whippings of Blacks (prior to the fall of Apartheid) than any other Judge on the Circuit. While the Truth Commission excused far-worse predators, such as Winnie Mandela, who Nelson was forced to divorce to become the first Post-Apartheid leader, Goldstone became a penitent by taking out his guilt via a communal Guilt-Offering on the Jewish State. He retracted his ruling following it`s implementation after he re-examined the evidence. But the damage was already done. Pressure from the International Community to handcuff the I.D.F. is not only an act of bias, but an integral part of the Terrorist Methodology. The pro-terrorist left-wing Israeli Judicial System reads from the same cookbook currently holding the entire West hostage. The front line of attack on all Civilization is filled not by the stone-throwers but the news-agencies that support them; beginning with Reuters and the Associated Press, followed by virtually all of the News- Outlets, including but not limited-to B.B.C., C.N.N., N.B.C., and the likes thereof. An interesting empirical observation was that in the week following the killing of the terrorist, the number of stabbings declined. But as soon as the “offending soldier” was charged, the frequency of stabbings spiked upwards again. For this reason, Obama is working feverishly in tandem with the Israeli Judiciary to indict Netanyahu as soon as Trump takes office, to ensure that even when the external pressure to capitulate is removed, the left-wing Fifth-Column will continue the process that drives the handcuffing of the Israeli military from defending its citizens.

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