The Secret of Vaccination Injury

January 1st, 2018
Brian Trappler Crown Heights may be the only district in New York where legitimate exemptions are not allowed because of the notorious meeting between the Bais Din and one particular Community physician who convinced the Principals of all the Yeshivas to ignore the Exemption-Mandate granted by the Department of Health to both Public Schools and Private Yeshivas. This has unnecessarily resulted in a range of fear – based disruptions in Chabad Education among young couples coerced into leaving the community. Other parents have succumbed to vaccination under threat of expulsion against their better judgement and intuitive sense, submitting their helpless and vulnerable children to the will of poorly-informed and highly incentivised local physicians imposing their well-rewarded medical biases through notorious politically-driven power-brokers. Such draconian measures using poorly-substantiated fear-tactics, have been improperly applied to enforce a highly-controversial policy using intimidation- tactics to force well-educated parents to leave the Chabad Education System under threat of expulsion. The goal is to force a false – belief that this Religious-Exemption, granted by the Government for such cases, doesn`t apply to them. Ironically, these Yeshivas depend heavily on Government subsidies for a variety of Subsistence Programs (including Lunch Programs, Bussing, and Head-Start). Truth be told, as long as these yeshivas receive government subsistence for their tenuous budgets, they are mandated to apply the Religious Exemption, irrespective of any bias or coercion applied by Community operatives. What an irony: The Religious exemptions made available throughout the N.Y. Schooling system, private and public fails to protect members of the Crown Heights Community. The irony is that this Exemption is applied to every religious community except for Crown Heights. Even Muslims (l`havdil) apply the exemption because the vaccines are grown in the Tissue Cultures of Monkey-Brain and other impure animals (without mentioning the ingredients themselves, many of which are unlisted). Parents should not be intimidated by the now-prevalent bullying tactic encountered exclusively at Chabad Schools. Consider the need for the establishment of a 2-Billion Dollar Fund set aside by the Government for Vaccination-injured children, ironically under the self-incriminating title “Unavoidable Vaccine Injuries”.
The History of Vaccines, Smallpox, Vaccine Safety & the Current CDC Schedule

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