Trump`s Problem with likeability. Is it really a problem ?

April 25th, 2016

While likeability is an important commodity under normal conditions, for many voters on both sides of the isle this election cycle is different. Perhaps one can compare the issue to a mathematical problem: the class can be divided into those students who “get it”, and those students who “don`t get-it”. I`m not being pejorative by implying that this too, is related to intelligence. For many of those who “don`t get-it”, it’s not for lack of evidence, but rather that the evidence they see doesn`t make sense. Who would have believed in the aftermath of WW-2, that the Philby’s – Britain`s top spies- were on the payroll of the Soviets?
Likewise, there are some, who no amount of evidence would suffice, in convincing them that Mr. Obama`s enemies include anyone falling under the category of “colonialist”: (be it Winston Churchill, the Evil British Empire, or the Zionists).
Not only did the naive liberal-minded U.S. electorate give Obama the power to “enact his father`s dream”, by undoing the dominance of the fading colonial powers; but in the absence of an effective Congress, and supported by the tail-wind of the most radically-liberal Supreme Court in U.S. history, he exploited every possibility to undermine the economic-power and military-prowess of the U.S. and the West, while transferring the balance of world-dominance to the Soviets, China, North Korea, Iran, the Islamists, and the Third World.
For those Americans who “get-it”, the last thing in the world they`re looking for to remedy the crises (if there`s still time), is the candidate`s likeability. Putin isn’t likeable, but is respected equally by friend and foe.
And for those Americans who do “get-it”, Hillary is almost as bad. Not because she`s an Islamist (which she is), but because of her narcissistic self-righteousness, which obscure her recognition of the problem, and impairs her integrity to address it.

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