To whom does the Temple Mount belong ?

October 29th, 2015

There was a recent announcement that Mr. Kerry had brokered a deal, whereby a panel representing King Hussein, Mr. Netanyahu, the Waqf of Jordan, and a rabbi, would make a determination of who will control the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

I would suggest opening the debate to a committee of Jewish, Christian and Muslim scholars, publicly televised, and ensured that the debate committee is comprised of established scholars with a strong record of fairness and integrity.

From the Jewish perspective, the Temple Mount was the site of so many Godly Revelations, culminating in becoming the permanent site for the Stones with the Ten Commandments handed by God to Moses.  According to Kabbalistic sources, Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzatto, the renowned 17th Century Kabbalistic Master from Italy, the Temple Mount houses the “Even Shesia”, referring to the Rock from which God chiseled the entire Universe.

During the times of the Jewish Temple, only the Kohen Gaddol, – Chief Priest, could go into the Inner Chamber of the Temple, once a year: On Yom Kippur, and offer incense, which would atone for annual sins of the world.

That’s why this Chamber houses the original Tablets given to Moses, since they define the Essential Moral Code between man and God, thereby unifying Gods Will in a physical place.

The connection between God and the Universe is through the Ten Commandments. They were given to Moses by God Himself. It is the Covenant between man and God. It has Commandments, it is the Law. That contract, made between God and the Jewish People, lies in the Temple Mount. That contract doesn`t need the approval of the U.N. or any other agency from this lowest world, since it binds us in such high Celestial Spheres that transcend time.

Calling for Jihad violates the Second Commandment of “Thou Shalt not Kill!” The Temple Mount houses the Tablets that were given by God to Moses. They`re written in Hebrew, and the Jews were told to pass the Commandments onto the other nations of the world, an example being the Forefather Abraham, whose generosity was infinite.

So which part of that history would Netanyahu, or any other Jew, want to disown?  It was purchased by King David because of its Holiness, despite the fact that he had already conquered it in war.

And the proof that it belongs to the Jews is contained in the earlier statement: That the Chief Priest (Cohen-Gaddol), would more often die than live, upon entering that Chamber that one day of the year, simply for having impure thoughts. But the priests would line up to apply for the position, knowing they would probably die, in order to give Blessings to the world based, on God`s Thirteen Attributes of Mercy.

I would ask the Muslim representative: “what would happen to the rest of us, if you were mediator on Yom Kippur, between God and all mankind? We know that (except for one`s physical survival), that Covenant housed within the Temple Mount forbids killing, hatred, intolerance, jealousy, and everything that Jihad represents.

If Muslims respect the validity, or sanctity of the Covenant, why would they want to violate God`s Covenants in His Inner Chamber? Do they believe in a God who doesn`t see? Or know?

Rabbi Levi-Yitzchak of Berdetchov, (the disciple of the Maggid), compares the arrival of Moshiach to a King, after a prolonged absence, arriving at an unexpected time at his palace.

If the representative scholars convinced the jury that the Temple belongs to the Jews, that would be the best news possible for the other religions: Judaism doesn`t ask anyone to change who they are, just to live moral lives (otherwise referred to as the Seven Noahide Law).

However, it the outcome were reversed, and the Muslims were proven correct, there would be no Blessings handed down, since in their eyes we are infidel.

The fact that the Jewish People pray for the welfare of the world, while the Muslim leaders confuse and mislead their youth, to shed blood for a God that doesn`t exist.

The God that does exist expressed His Will through the Torah, which is binding to all people, and prohibits hatred, jealousy, and unwanted bloodshed and misery, caused by Muslim leaders whose position until now directly negates their merit to claim of the Covenant as their own.

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