The Deep State and Shadow Government

April 17th, 2018

This is a must-hear lecture from a highly-credible C.I.A. Informant explaining the anatomy of the Shadow government (who went rogue in 1947 and became so powerful that they successfully hijacked the power of the country from its people and Constitution. The Shadow Government represents the Deep State.
He explains the difference between the Unconstitutional Shadow Government run by all the Intelligence Agencies. There are 16 Secret Intelligence Agencies such as F.B.I., N.S.A., and other agencies that are hidden even from Congress.
Amazon, Google and the Main-Stream-Media work seamlessly together, controlling the members of local government. It includes the Federal Reserve, Wall-Street, and the Military- Industrial Complex. Their ultimate goal is total domination by this system that works in Secrecy. The Shadow Government exonerated one of their Deep Operatives: James Comey. The integration of all 17 agencies was consummated by Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton ordered the killing of Gedaffi. George Bush invaded the Iraq War for revenue. The most dangerous Director of the CIA of all times was Allan Dallas, who probably organized the assassination of Kennedy as he turned the C.I.A. against J.F.K. after he was fired when discovered for illegal covert-operations.  Allan Dallas was then appointed to lead the Warren Commission.
and are concealed in their method of operations behind any narrative we are allowed to know. All participants in this Shadow-Government are bound by a secret contract of rules. They are bound by a secret sub-narrative. The hub of the Military-Industrial Complex controls Congress via John McCain.
He ensures that there`s a continuous flow of weapons through continuous war.

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