Netanyahu Meets a Joint Session of Congress

May 27th, 2011

“When Obama called for a surprise press conference ahead of Bibi’s visit and then delivered a Middle East policy speech, I shuddered.
After Sharon and Bush decided to use Gaza as a litmus test for a Palestinian State, orthodox Jews in Israel and the United States viewed it as a doomed, unnecessary social experiment.
Six years later, we now have visible proof of its failure, but at the time, I also shuddered.
Arik Sharon suffered a crippling stroke.
Then came Hurricane Katrina.
When I saw the imagery, I was struck by many similarities: building destruction, evacuations, people on rooftops, displaced people in buses, makeshift housing.
The Obamas were on an all-time high, having been invited to visit the royal newlyweds Kate and William at Buckingham Palace. (Previous disdain for Obama magically melted as the BBC was able to distract its audience from a defining moment occurring in the U.S.)
I didn’t want to yell “run for cover” when the President demanded, to a world audience, that Israel return to the pre-1967 borders.
Then, when Tornado Joplin struck the mid-west of the U.S., I asked myself the same question that I had on 9/11, and on the announcement of plans to build a multimillion dollar mosque near the site of 9/11:
Why does there seem to be such overlap of negative destiny between Israel and the U.S.?
Arabic, like Hebrew, is a language of symbol. There are meanings that derive from its numerology, and letter configuration beyond the dimension of conventional language.
The symbol must be processed in the right hemisphere of the brain before it can be downloaded into a language-coded narrative in the left hemisphere. One has to be trained in the meaning of symbol.
The Greeks and Romans conquered Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem, followed by the Crusaders.
But it was only Islam, following its conquest of Jerusalem, that demolished King Solomon’s Temple, replacing it with a mosque (the Dome of the Rock) as a symbol of Islamic supremacy and triumph. 
Since King Solomon had anticipated this occurrence fifteen hundred years earlier, he had not kept Moses’s original Tabernacle, with the archetypal Tablets given at Sinai in the Temple itself, but rather, hid them in a network of underground tunnels and chambers.
After Israel recaptured the Temple Mount in 1967, the Jordanian-appointed Waqf refused to accept Israeli sovereignty over the site, but allowed inspectors to visit whenever construction work was being done.
Following the 1993 Oslo Accords, the Waqf was replaced by representatives from the Palestinian Authority. Subsequently, Israeli archeologists discovered that irreparable damage had been done to the remains of the First and Second Temple periods.
Most recent archeological investigations report the following findings (Bard, Mitchell. Myths and Facts. AICE, 2006.):
  • Thousands of tons of gravel have been removed as a result of massive construction
  • Important relics from the original Temple sites have been removed and the gravel has been discarded in trash
  • Archeological treasures from diverse periods have been scooped up by  bulldozers
  • In the process, Palestinian construction workers mixed relics from different periods
  • Mixed relics from diverse periods render the relics that were not destroyed as archeologically useless   
Perhaps one could cite this as a lesson in insensitivity toward the sacred. 
I thought someone else would pick up on this symbol, since the Ground Zero mosque is being spun as an educational center for the rest of us to learn about “cultural diversity.”
If indeed, America is being chosen on High to share Israel’s negative destiny, one could ask (like Tuvia in Fiddler on the Roof): “Thanks for the honor, but could you please chose someone else.”
I hope I’m mistaken that Merkl soon followed on Obama’s heels, demanding Israel to shrink itself to pre-1967. Europe wouldn’t want to set the stage for another holocaust, one must presume.
According to some sources in the Midrash (Yalkut Sh`Moni) and Kaballah (Rabbi Vital), Islam will briefly prevail over Rome (the West) at the end of time, and will bring terrible suffering on the Jewish nation.
In fact, the Lubavitcher Rebbe gave specific instructions how to prevent this. He didn’t want some of the harsh prophecies predicted in the Book of Prophets.
America’s current suffering, according to this line of reasoning, would be that as Israel suffers, so does she, since they will also eventually celebrate together with the redemption to a better world.
Collectively (not individually), America will not be judged by two thousand years of pogroms, or active participation in the holocaust.
I made three observations of Netanyahu on his visit; from his response to Obama’s speech; to his one-on-one press conference, culminating in his speech to a bipartisan Special Session of Congress.
They involve several areas of a remarkable transformation in “self-functions,” such as: sense of self; personal agency; sense of empowerment, and skills in control over power dynamics.
One of the key deficiencies in traumatized populations is their failure to control interpersonal relationships, resulting in a recurring pattern of trauma reenactments.
Netanyahu needed to find that right now, and was fortunate in having an audience (the U.S Congress) weary of pedantic demagogues.
This was apparent when observing the Prime Minister’s level of engagement, use of humor, warmth, and spontaneity.
He united the Congress like one rarely sees, and he graced the audience with a lesson in history, respectively mentioning his forefathers and blessing America for their support.
I saw Netanyahu like this once before:
It began after an Israeli news reporter asked Netanyahu how he had the courage during the U.N. summit of 2008 to tell the assembly of Leaders of State “shame on you.” 
In the YouTube video, he explains who mentored those “power dynamics” in a speech at the 92nd Street Y.
It’s worth watching the clip:
When he was a young staffer at the Israeli Embassy many decades ago, Bibi was invited to visit the Rebbe of Lubavitch – Menachem Mendel Schneursohn.
He describes the story in graphic detail.”

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