The role of Mental Health in Mass-Shootings

May 16th, 2018

On the subject on mental health and mass-shootings: Cases like the “Son of Sam”, (who was committed to my long-term State Psychiatric Facility in New York) is a rarity. Chronic Mental Illness is the general lay-term for Psychosis; usually Schizophrenia or Delusional Disorder (such as Delusions of Jealousy, Erotogenic Delusions, or Persecutory Delusions. These can be “Mono-Symptomatic”, meaning circumscribed, without the chronic debilitating course of Schizophrenia. Bipolar Disorder is cyclical, and usually treatable. “Mixed Manic” States can present with depressed or angry mood, combined with agitation. Such cases can become dangerous in their acute phase but are easily identified and usually respond quickly to appropriate mood-stabilizing drugs.

It`s highly unlikely that a patient with severe, chronic mental illness would be capable of planning and executing a complex, targeted attack like the ones we`ve recently seen.

This leaves us with estranged, angry, alienated, social-outcasts who are highly vulnerable to being co-opted by radical groups, such as cults or religious extremists.  Such individuals don`t fall under the category of any “Mental Illness”. When the Deep-State recruit such individuals, they do so to create “false-flag” attacks, exploiting these vulnerable individuals as sacrificial pawns to further their own political cause, such as to disarm the population by negatively conditioning society to weapons or responsible organizations such as the National Rifle Association.

Such “false-flag attacks” are difficult to prove because the Intelligence Services (in this case the F.B.I.) suppressed the information as well as witnesses and totally steered the narrative through intimidation of the local Sheriffs and collusion of the Main-Stream-Media.

A classic example of a false-flag attack was the recent mass-shooting in Las Vegas.

Other examples of politically-motivated violence include the use of the Media to present a false narrative to the public, as was seen in the Ferguson Shooting of Michael Brown. In this instance, the fabrication of a false narrative not only led to the mob taking up the chant of “hands-up-don`t shoot” which led to the formation of the “Black-Lives-Matter” Movement.

Carrying-out mass-attacks can be effective on any vulnerable and alienated population, who don`t carry-out these attacks because they`re mentally-ill. I would entertain the possibility that the Deep-State has modeled the success observed over short time-periods in co-opting Muslims and radicalizing them.

Forensic Psychologists working for the Deep-State adopt this model and apply it to minority populations to divide and destabilize society.

The reason for the preponderance of gun-related violence in the U.S. is to serve the goal of the Progressive Left, who have been recruited by the Deep-State to disarm the civilian population.

The escalation of race-related violence under the presidency of Obama was just one of many methods (the others included the mass-release of Alien Felons and the creation of Sanctuary Cities) was to destabilize the U.S. in the hope of creating anarchy whereby the population itself would request the imposition of Martial Law.

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