Hillary rigged the First Presidential Debate with the help of both a Moderator and Teleprompter

September 28th, 2016

As a Block-Director in various Neuroscience Courses at S.U.N.Y. we requested that each lecturer submit 3-4 potential questions for the final Block-Examination we followed standard scales of question neutrality. To the point that lecturers were often embarrassed when shown how the wording of a question tilted astute students to correctly answer questions in a subject never studied. But according Fox-News Reporter Howard Kurtz, NBC moderator Lester Holt violated the ethics of normative debate code that invalidates him from whatever angle one approaches such an investigation. Former-Mayor Rudy Giuliani immediately echoed Kurtz’s sentiments, using vignette in which Holt appeared to forget that he was the moderator, preferring to wrongly confront Trump about the “Stop and Frisk” Policy, then allowing Hillary to add that the program had actually increased black-mortality in New York City during Giuliani’s tenure and subsequently adopted by Mayor Bloomberg. The “stop and frisk” policy has always been constitutional, and it reduced inner-city mortality by 300%. Giuliani supported Trump`s assertion, while Lester Holt not only inserted himself into the frey, but had the facts entirely wrong. As did Hillary, who claimed that the “stop-and-frisk policy” actually cost lives.
The Washington Times preferred to frame the problem as one in which, Trump was forced to debate the event’s moderator as well as his Democratic opponent. So Hillary`s devious strategy began well-before the debate. Controlling the stage and being assisted by the debate moderator was insufficient advantage for Hillary. Reliable sources describe an electronic insert in Hillary`s ear carefully blending near the ridge of the ear, carefully concealed complete with color-match. http://www.catholic.org/news/politics/story.php?id=71077

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