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How the Democrats used Christine Ford to torpedo Judge Brett Kavanaugh`s appointment to the Supreme Court

Friday, September 28th, 2018

Dr. Christine Ford (the claimant) was selected because she suffers from lifetime Anxiety and has a Borderline Personality Disorder (B.P.D.), whose key symptoms overlap with PTSD. This would have provided the clinical material used to blame Judge Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting Dr. Ford 37-years previously. She even justified delaying the the Sexual-Assault Hearings by claiming that her trauma-symptoms included a flying-Phobia from her PTSD. “Avoidance Symptoms” (such as flying Phobias) are key for the diagnosis of PTSD. This highlights the importance of the Prosecutor’s discovery that Dr. Ford flew frequently, both for her work-requirements and recreationally. She lied about not being able to fly. Trauma-Victims are also tormented by the flashbacks from over-memorizing most details of a serious psychological trauma. Some patients even have “anniversary” flare-ups. Yet the proposed victim failed to remember the date or location of the trauma-event: Only the name of her assailant. Even Ford`s key supporting witness denied under oath that any of this even happened. Dr. Ford has symptoms of chronic anxiety and swears that someone lay on her at a party (while both were fully clothed) and placed his hand over her mouth as she was about to start screaming. I would propose that at 15 years, a highly fragile and anxious Christine Ford had some form of sexual encounter (foreplay), that precipitated a panic attack. But it wasn`t Judge Kavanaugh. And such behavior is so frequent and age-appropriate, that paid it any attention.