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Lubavitcher-Rebbe-and Vaccinations

Tuesday, February 11th, 2020

One of the Lubavitcher Rebbe`s letters on vaccinations is being interpreted by some as an open endorsement of current Vaccination Laws. (The Rebbe encourages one not to deviate from accepted medical norms). This endorsement, however, was predicated by the assumption that Manufacturers adhere to proper standards of safety and quality-control. According to Scientists from Merck, an unintended consequence of the 1986 “Vaccine Protection Act” was that, in contrast to all other drugs being developed (beginning in Non-Primates, and leading sequentially to Non-Human Primates, and finally healthy volunteers) and only released upon completion of such rigorous Safety Field Trials. In contrast, vaccines would now receive an EZ-Pass, exempt from the Field-Trials designed to protect the target-population from ever having to resort to injury-litigation. This was the condition that the Rebbe referred to as “internal quality – control”