5 G Technocracy is a surveillance technology with the capacity to collect, analyze, and ultimately control your thoughts and behavior.

July 29th, 2019

In “The Elitist Trilateral Commission” Patrick Wood explains that 5 G Technocracy is a surveillance technology containing surveillance software who`s primary function has nothing to do with enhancing individual software capability. Rather, its a ubiquitous surveillance system concealed by euphemisms such as “Sustainable Resource Allocation” and the “Green New Deal”. Its goal was always to advance wireless technology that could eventually be weaponized against the entire population. Using multiple sensors inserted into ubiquitous devices incorporated into our daily routines, these devices will now have the capacity to collect, analyze, and then transmit (in real time) every individual`s personal bio-metric data that will feed into Central Data Collection Centers. Using A.I. algorithms, your personal information will ultimately control your thoughts and behaviors. For instance, 1.4 Billion Chinese are currently ranked using a bio-metric social credit score. Those who have low rankings cannot purchase property, obtain education, or even make medical choices. Their health profiles, social disobedience scores, levels of productivity or lack of allegiance to central authority already have 13 million whose low profiles have already disqualified them from enjoying any sense of opportunity, or choices that would enhance their life-quality. Technocracy has gathered sufficient negative bio-metric profiles to the authorities to establish them as ‘outliers”. In the 5 G world of technocracy that`s the meaning of “Central Control of Resource Allocation”. That`s the practical application of the “Green New Deal” coming to your neighborhood soon.


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