The Confirmation Hearings of Judge Brett Kavanaugh: An example of Political Terrorism

September 27th, 2018

The stage appeared set for the “Perfect Storm”: Urgently in need of optics that portrayed the Republicans as a club of White-Men bullying a traumatized assault- victim, they limited their role to a single interview by a Trauma-Prosecutor.

What “real-life”, spontaneous, interaction occurred, was limited to the Democratic Members of the Judicial Committee. And Christine Ford was afforded accolades that would win the Medal of Honor.

Christine had postponed the Hearing because as, a Trauma-Victim with P.T.S.D., she needed the necessary psychological support to fly, one of her symptoms of P.T.S.D.

That`s until it was discovered that Christine flew extensively, both in her work, and recreationally.

But that would have been a problem for her defense, because avoidance symptoms and other triggers (like flying), are needed, to diagnose P.T.S.D.

Christine, while a Professor, seemed to know very little about the physiology of P.T.S.D. Instead, she described the symptoms of Generalized Anxiety Disorder. A condition that would have, and certainly preceded her “trauma-experience”. (Throughout the Hearings not once did we hear any evidence of their being a trauma – event).

When teaching Medical Students “The Medical Interview” at S.U.N.Y. Downstate (1993 – 2010), I always stress that the astute clinician makes the diagnosis with his/her interview.

What Christine clearly describes is that of Generalized Anxiety Disorder. In fact, she described the physiology of a “Fight or Flight” experience of Sympathetic Over-Arousal. That`s not what happens in P.T.S.D. where the pathology (sleep-disturbance, flashbacks, dissociative symptoms, and heightened startle-responses), are only activated by exposure to trauma-triggers.

In contrast to the elevated Adrenaline P.T.S.D. patients have abnormal Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal function with elevated CRF (Corticotrophin Releasing Factor) levels.

The symptoms of Chronic Anxiety Disorder, (which Christine has) is life-long.  But in addition to suffering from Chronic Anxiety, Christine appeared as a flake. On the first occasion a male tried to “make-out” with her, Christine freaked out. But that was deliberately construed to pivot her diagnosis into P.T.S.D. That’s why Ford tried to portray herself as having a flying phobia -which turned out to be untrue.

Furthermore, P.T.S.D. is associated with Hyper-Memorization of the traumatic event. That’s what causes anxiety-triggers and flashbacks: Trauma patients recall all the details associated with the trauma – event, to forever avoid it`s repetition. Yet this so-called trauma-victim remembered nothing. While amnesia can occur with trauma, that occurs when the event is so catastrophic that the patient dissociates, forgetting any detail of the trauma. That didn`t happen to Ford. She appears as a flake with life-long mental-illness who lied about having travel-phobias to support the diagnosis of trauma – something she was prompted to do by the Democrats.

Poor Christine Ford, someone with chronic mental illness (Anxiety, with underlying Borderline Personality Disorder), was researched by the democrats using a method similar to the Trump-Dossier, her case rehearsed, withheld throughout the Hearings, and then delayed and used as an ax to bludgeon Kavanaugh immediately prior to the Confirmation.

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