August 13th, 2017
Most consumers don`t know about Obamacare`s hidden agenda. When the Patriot Act was passed, we all believed that it was to protect Americans by disrupting or tracking the ways our enemies communicate via social media within our geographic confines. Then we discovered that the surveillance actually was directed towards U.S. Citizens. Later we found that Tea-Party organizations were being targeted by the I.R.S. Did anyone connect the dots ? Obamacare allows the government to have full disclosure of our personal health profiles from the cradle to the grave. When integrating our medical-health records with our age, income, political-affiliation and everything else about our personal profiles, our medical-treatment can be manipulated according to our favorability-scores. Those in government whose loyalties are to the “deep-state” or political-elite, are going to continually sabotage “Repeal and Replace” because it disrupts the central plan of the globalists. The same necessity exists for creating a link between “global-warming” and Carbon-Emissions, with the necessity of stabilizing the population of the planet. These agencies are equally invested in having their hands on the lever of who receives what treatments, based on their cost-productivity, and obedience to a central authority. Just like the I.R.S. was an important tool to stifle the proliferation of Tea-Party organizations, so Obamacare provides central government intimate personal information about your medical needs while correlating them with your level of favorability. That`s a dangerous concept considering the evidence of it already having been used in the I.R.S. scandal. Its the same reason why all the perpetrators got away with it. That is a comment on the intent-factor behind Obamacare. The “benefits-package” was the selling-point. Whether it was affordable, and whether you kept your own physician were irrelevant to the architects of the plan. In similar fashion the emphasis is the “Repeal” component. Anyone understanding a sliver of the implications of its enforcement will now understand the resistance of the Washington swamp in allowing any “Repeal” legislation to be enacted.

With regards to the “Replace” component of Obamacare, its significance is far less critical. Once the country understands that "Universal Health-Care" is nothing more than a euphemism for what really was designed as a "death-certificate", the key to its replacement is keeping it out of the hands of the government. The government has an agenda. And its not about the keeping the population healthy. Whether its the use of Chem-trails, G.M.O.`s, pesticides, Cell-phone towers in urban areas, artificial-light and forced-feeding of the poultry industry, the use of growth-hormone to artificially grow beef, the addition of sub-toxic levels of Chlorine and Fluoride to the water-supply: – it has nothing to do with our well-being, but rather the protection of certain industries, despite their knowledge of their danger to the citizens Congress is betraying.

That`s the reason that government has already disqualified itself in taking charge of our health-care.

Once Congress has been forced by the Citizens to is Repeal  Obamacare, who should be empowered to replace it ? Thats when you bring into the vacuum a budget that Congress and the President can afford. Within that budget we need representatives from all of the industries experienced in health-care. This includes industries dedicated to healthy living habits (disease-prevention), medical educators, I.T. specialists, Community Care Providers, Emergency Intervention Centers, Maternity, experts in Acute and Long-Term Traditional Medical Care, Rehabilitation Centers and a variety of Alternate Care Models. (the latter dramatically reduce the need for expensive treatments and are strongly opposed by the for-profit Health-Care Industry.

All of the above-mentioned components ranging from illness -prevention, healthy-life-habits, and multi-layered treatment, needs to be negotiated and divided between the existing Private Insurance Carriers.

The key to its success is in integrating the above-mentioned components, and keeping government out of the health-care industry.

We also need a regulatory agency to ensure that legislators are not profiting off those industries that make us ill and then create a market for big-pharma.

The dark side of the current entrenchment of government in health-care is that inexpensive breakthroughs in natural holistically-based discoveries about whats making our society sicker is being disrupted by an epidemic of assassinations of the leading physicians in holistic  medicine. None of these have been investigated, adding suspicion to corruption and the resistance at so many levels to change.

But with the Repeal of Obamacare (and the reason for President Trump`s urgency to get this done), non-governmental heath-care providers will have no difficulty in rapidly filling the vacuum with multiple competing inexpensive health-care models. Those in a position to solve the problem are just waiting for government to clear the way.

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