Jeff Sessions` Russian Recusal has left Trump "hanging to dry" for a false narrative created by the Deep-State

July 21st, 2017

Critics of Trumps disappointment in Sessions are failing to recognize a crucial asymmetry of loyalty set in motion when Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Russian Investigation. Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice were President Obama`Loyalists who unhesitatingly "took the rap” even when he broke the law.  As Attorney Generals, Holder and Lynch shielded their President even when he acted unconstitutionally . There was never a consideration of a Special Investigation into Obama for “Fast and Furious”. That order surely came from his boss, but Holder “owned” the scandal. Then there was the “Stand-Down Order”, leading to the incineration of our Embassy staff in Libya. In both of these instances, the orders must have come from the top. But no-one will ever know because so many “fellows in Crime” stepped to the plate, to ensure that Obama`s name was never even mentioned. Obama loyalists, ranging from his Attorney Generals to Hillary and Susan Rice, would reflexively step to the podium to protect their boss. And in just these two instances, those A.G.s shielded Obama from being investigated. Those cases ranged from the loss of life of a Border Agent (Fast and Furious) to the brutal murder of an Ambassador and his staff (Benghazi) . Contrast those with the current fabricated scandals, where nothing happened, but where Sessions has left President Trump exposed. Sessions recused himself from a highly ambiguous accusation of a “crime” where evidence was collected incidentally via a FISA Warrant which lacked legal admissibility. Yet Jeff Sessions rushed to recuse himself without consideration of it leaving the President exposed to being dragged through the mud. The result of having his subordinates run for cover directly led Trump “hanging to dry” for actions that have no legal merit. The indictment evolved from illegal leaks and false narratives deliberately set in motion by President Obama`s firing of 35 diplomats on the last day of his Presidency. It was Obama who lit the spark with Russia. Prior to that, if we held everyone to the same set of standards, the Democrats did a lot of illegal stuff with the Russians. But thanks to Obama`s “reset”, speaking to a Russian suddenly became tantamount to treason. If there was treason, that`s something that actually was committed by Hillary in the Uranium One Deal. How did that not reach the threshold for a Special Investigation ? In summary, that leaves us with a false narrative created by the Democrats  distracting the President from following his agenda, and without the protection of an Attorney General.

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