Was Trayvon Martin used as a cover-up ?

July 15th, 2013


How many in the U.S. recognize the name Mohamed Merah ?

When the trial-date was set accusing George Zimmerman of murdering Travon Martins, pundits were predicting it would be watched by 200 million people.

It would be the most sensational trial since O.J.

Most homes in the U.S. would be exposed to some coverage of the trial.

The reason I am addressing these two anecdotes, is that it’s seldom one has the opportunity to so clearly visit two seemingly disconnected events with one common sub-narrative.

“Changing cognitive schemas”, is a sub-category of “Complex Trauma” that occurs when a predator uses its advantage in an asymmetric “power-dynamic” to change a narrative.

In the Stockholm syndrome the Predator places the victim in a state of sustained threat which is temporarily removed when the victim submits to the ideas and beliefs imposed by the one in charge.

For some predator`s, there is nothing more gratifying than vanquishing and taking ownership over his victim`s psyche.

If there is a Superpower today that threatens the world, it may not even try to accomplish its end through physical conquest if one can achieve its means by incrementally changing the environment of the victim.

In other words, conquest can be attained by gradually confusing the victim, and then stripping him of all previously-held beliefs.

The notion of world dominance by a super-committee could resemble FIFA, or any large multi-layered enterprise.

There would be a list of fundamental agreements which would be settled by consensus, and each delegate would make a local press-release with fundamental “talking points”.

But that would bear little resemblance to “Truth”. In fact the entire entity of Truth would simply be removed from the map.

One can reference this to the pigs on George Orwell`s the Animal Farm.

Once the farm had been purged of humans, the pigs enjoyed uncontained power and privilege to redefine the meaning of “hunger”, and “equal”.

As Hillary would put it: “they`re only words”.

Such a system would be applied universally, with the representatives given the choice of how to spin it, or implement it, in the appropriate nuanced way. Following the Central Committee Meeting, delegates return to their respective countries and nations with the challenge of setting up local sub-committees to implement the agenda.

In terms of communication between high-ranking party members and the rest of the population, we would all become surfs by virtue of living under the shackles of being “uninformed”.

Communication by political caretakers wouldn’t even have to consider “truth” as a barometer of credibility.

The purpose of communication would be limited to “shape ideas”, and for rulers to “cover their behinds” – Benghazi style.

When “cultural sensitivity” is applied to this model of rule, Orwell would have put it as: “Some cultures are just more sensitive than others”.

This anecdote is not about one nation being attacked; it’s more about one nation being protected, and another being exploited.

On February 26th at about 7 p.m. in the gated Community Retreat at Twin Lakes, Florida, George Zimmerman, a 28-year-old neighborhood watch – captain, called 911 to report “a suspicious person” in the gated community.

According to the Orlando “Sentinel” story, (later confirmed by Sanford police), Zimmerman briefly lost track of Martin. The teen then approached him, the two exchange words, Zimmerman reached for his cell phone, at which point Martin punched him in the nose. Zimmerman slammed his head into the sidewalk, Martin pinned him to the ground, and began slamming his head into the sidewalk.

Pinned to the ground in a choke-hold Zimmerman removes the gun strapped to his leg, discharging the weapon at point-contact against the body lying on top of him.

A half an hour following the original call Zimmerman reported to the police he had shot Martin in self-defense.

The police report, made by Officer Timothy Smith, confirmed that Zimmerman had a fractured nose and lacerations at the back of the head.

On March 12th Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee announced that Zimmerman had not been charged because there are were no grounds to disprove his account of the events.

Three days later, on March 15th, half-way across the globe, in Toulouse, France, Mohamed Merah committed two consecutive gun attacks on soldiers, with a similar weapon and modus operandi, in the same part of France.

Some in the Intelligence Community argue that Merah`s name ought to have shown up on a security screen immediately following the killing of the second French soldier on 15 March.

Four days later, on March 19th, Merah entered the Jewish Day-school in Toulouse “Ozar Hatorah”, whereupon he shot to death the principal and 4 children at close range, holding one child up and videoing the killing.

Rabbi Jonathan Sandler, a 30-year-old teacher of religion with joint French and Israeli citizenship, along with his two children, Gabriel and Arieh, aged four and five, were among those killed.

“Did we miss something?” asked the Security Chief in an interview given to Le Monde.

“Here’s a guy with the profile of a Jihadist and they didn’t take any more interest in him”.

Like the Boston Bombers, Mohammed Merah had traveled to Islamic strongholds, where he had spent significant time.

Merah had been in Afghanistan in 2010, and later Pakistan.

No more than a dozen French citizens from south-western France had made that trip to Afghanistan.

A security expert told “Liberation” that Merah’s suspicious trips abroad and his long criminal record back in France, were reason to have kept Merah under constant surveillance.

But few will remember the incident which reeks of an ongoing attempt at Jewish genocide, since this exposed a painful politically unsavory reality.

Switch the global focus from the threat of Jihad in our own back-yard to an event dismissed the previous week by local Police Authorities by exploiting the racial-sensitivities of a different minority group.

The Zimmerman case was closed on March 12th by Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee.

On March 15th Mohammed Merah shoots two off-duty French soldiers.

On the morning of March 19th, Mohammed commits the mass-murder at the Day-school in Toulouse.

Later on March 19: The Justice Department announces that it has launched an investigation into Martin’s death.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott dismisses Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee and assigns the investigation to State Officials.

When the U.S. Justice Department announced later on March 19th that it had launched an investigation into Travon Martin’s death, no-one took note of a far-reaching sub-narrative which would serve as more than a sufficient diversion of the audience`s attention from the far more serious events of Radical Jihad being conducted European (and American) soil.

To this end, Florida Gov. Rick Scott would soon ask State officials to assist in opening the investigation on Zimmerman.

By March 22nd, Police Chief Lee announced that he was stepping down temporarily as Head of the Police Department, since he was now being criticized for his handling of the Trayvon shooting.

Simultaneously, Governor Rick Scott announced that he was replacing Norman Wolfinger and appointing Angela Corey, State Attorney of the 4th Judicial Circuit as Special Prosecutor for murder charges against Zimmerman.

On March 23rd, President Barack Obama spoke publicly about “Travon`s murder” saying the incident required national “soul-searching.”

One outcome of that “soul-searching experience” would show how the Justice Department could reverse the March 12th dismissal of Zimmerman`s case by the Sanford Police Chief, ignite racial tensions, and shape a new reality on the ground.

Does this suggest that someone highly embedded in the body of a central politique would be able to manufacture a new “media reality” by creating a scapegoat, (Zimmerman), and successfully deflect attention away from the tragedy at Toulouse and the true emerging existential threat to our civilization?

That would mean, not only that there is an intelligent sub-narrative, but that it is being steered. And in what direction?

1) Away from Mohammed Merah`s eight victims killed in cold-blood in France, including 4 real-children; and in the direction of Trayvon (who the Prosecution repeatedly attempted to portray as an “unarmed child”).

2) Away from Mohammed Merah, (as an Islamic Terrorist) and towards Zimmerman (working on a neighborhood patrol).

The pictures submitted to the press of Trayvon, were all a few years old (when he was 14), and the picture that the Prosecution was told to withhold was more current. In that picture, where he has a gun brandished, while he plays with a woman`s Jewelry)  he looks more adult, but we weren’t meant to see that.

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