The Template for the latest Israeli victims of Arab Terror

June 11th, 2016

A teenage girl was murdered Thursday morning in Kiryat Arba when a terrorist broke into her home and stabbed her dozens of times as she lay in bed. A second victim, a member of the town’s civilian security team who responded was seriously wounded.

A Kiryat Arba spokesperson said the terrorist penetrated the town’s security perimeter and entered the Ramat Mamre neighborhood.

Officials reported that the terrorist broke into a home and repeatedly stabbed a 13-year old girl in her bedroom. When the town’s security team was called to respond to the attack, the terrorist assaulted a member of the local security squad.

The female victim, Hallel-Yaffa Ariel, was unconscious and had no pulse when emergency responders arrived to provide first aid, and was evacuated to Shaarei Tzedek hospital in Jerusalem. Doctors attempted to resuscitate Ariel, but were ultimately forced to declare her death. Unfortunately, this narrative is not only the root-cause of Israel`s current problems: According to the Lubavitcher Rebbe, every war in the Middle-East subsequent to the Six Day War, and every life lost, both Jewish and Arab, is a derivative of the failure of Jewish leaders to take Sovereignty over their Biblical Homeland.

A historical perspective: This land belonged to the Jewish Nation since the times of Avraham who purchased the cave of Kiryat Arba (the Cave of Four) from Efron, for 400 Silver Coins, as a burial-site and Holy Shrine for the four sets of Jewish Forefathers and Foremothers (Genesis, Parsha’s Chaya Sara).

After the defeat of the Ottoman Empire by the Western Powers in W.W.I. 1914-1918, it remained a British Protectorate. However, Jews living in Hevron for centuries, were driven out by the British Legion allied with Jordan in the War of Independence in 1948, when Israel lost this territory to the Jordanian Special Legion under the command of the British. Hevron remained under Jordanian control but was never annexed to Jordan, since it was legally returned to the Jewish Nation by the Balfour Declaration in 1917.

From 1947 until the Miraculous Six Day War in 1967, when the Jordanians were driven out of Hevron and East Jerusalem, Hevron and the Cave of the Patriarchs remained in a state of neglect.

For the first time since the destruction of the Temple, Hevron and the Cave of the Patriarchs lay in disuse and ill-repair. It was neither rebuilt, or claimed by the Muslims during the 19-years from 1948-1967 when it was actually under their physical control.

“Breaking Israel News” describes Israel`s Six Day War conquest of Kiryat Arba (the heart of Hevron) as follows:

Rabbi Goren found the large iron gate which had been closed to the Jewish Nation for Two Thousand Years, entered the Machpelah, blew the shofar set up a Torah Scroll, and began to pray.

After The Six-Day-War was won by the I.D.F., it was almost immediately surrendered by the actions of the liberal ruling-elite.

The following description of the conquest and subsequent self-amputation of Israel’s Bible-Belt, the heart of which is Hevron, where Avraham purchased the cave for the burial of the Jewish Forefathers and Foremothers (Genesis, Parsha’s Chaya Sara), is described in “Breaking Israel News” as follows:
Rabbi Goren found the large iron Rabbi Goren entered the Machpelah, blew the shofar set up a Torah Scroll, and began to pray. The next day he received an urgent message from Moshe Dayan, ordering the Rabbi Goren to take down the flag, and remove the Torah from the premises, because the site was a mosque.

The next day, the rabbi received an urgent message from his officer, the Israeli Chief of Staff, Moshe Dayan. He ordered Rabbi Goren to take down the flag, remove the Torah from the premises and to order anyone entering to remove their shoes because the site was a mosque. Rabbi Goren sent a message back in response: “The Torah is holy – it stays. The flag means to me what it means to you. If you want to remove it, you may, but I will not.”
Moshe Dayan sent an officer to remove the flag, but after removing the flag, the officer died in a horrible car accident on his way to report back to Dayan. Dayan then rescinded his orders.

Today, thanks to diplomatic pressure from the U.S., U.N. and E.U. Hevron is a terrorist hot-bed. Those people who care about the lives of those like Hallel-Yaffa Ariel, should take pause, and reflect deeply on this: For two thousand years Jews were forbidden from visiting the shrine of the Biblical Forefathers. After the immeasurable suffering imposed on us at the whim of all the terrible despots known to man, before God in His Infinite Mercy, together with the blood of the I.D.F. returned Hevron “The City of David” to the Jewish people.

Only a handful of righteous gentiles believe the Bible story, telling us how Abraham purchased the field from the tribal-leader Ephron, for 400 Silver Coins. The transaction was witnessed because Abraham summoned all the people of the village to witness the legal acquisition of the burial spot for the Forefathers of the Jewish Nation.

Not a single Israeli Government accepted this gift, for which the Jewish Nation had waited almost two millennia. Nor did any of Israel`s contemporary leaders respect its sanctity; at least to the point of resisting the push from the West from allowing Jewish ownership over their spiritual centers.

The tragedy of Israeli weakness begins at Camp David, continues through the Oslo and Wye Accords, and culminates with the situation today, where it is unsafe in the Modern Jewish State to live, visit and conduct religious services in the cradle where religion and civilization began.

So when Jewish children living in Israel ask their parents “why can`t your generation provide minimal Caretaking function ?”. That every child in Israel knows someone who has been a victim. That they are stressed and grieve over this, is a telling statement to a generation who turned their backs on those returnees to the land asking for the minimal attributes of a “safe-holding-environment”.

Successive generations of Israeli leaders are so alienated from their spiritual sources, that they are willing to create “no-go” zones within their own Capitals.

How can this be ?

There is no answer, but we do see a result from this: A phenomenon whereby Centers of Cultural and National Sovereignty are being replaced by Islamic Mosques, stretching from Paris to Belgium and London, definitely has our children worried. And Second-Graders are more-worried than Members of Parliament.
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