M.M.R and the fatal attraction of second-generation post-Auschwitz victims to biological experimentation.

July 30th, 2013

On my Briantrappler.com Website, I have posted letters of endorsement, from Professor (Lord) Phillip Tobias, the Deans of SUNY Downstate, and the Chairmen or Directors’ of various elite Departments.

When it came to the promoting my new Website “Torahthoughts.org”, I submitted a personalized note of gratitude from a holocaust survivor.

The survivor thanks me in a personalized note for treating her husband  for his “Holocaust Syndrome”.

On the book-cover of a now out-of-print book “The Unheeded Cry”, written by Rabbi Wiessmandl.

He provides detailed minutes of meetings with world leaders and both public and classified meetings (behind closed doors) about the plight of a million Jews trapped in Hungary during the final 8-10 months of the holocaust.

She was in the last transport to Auschwitz from Budapest, together with Rabbi Weissmandl.

She described to me how Weissmandl was able to burrow himself a hole large enough to jump from the moving train taking the victims to an almost certain death.

No-one else from that transport survived.

If I were in charge of a curriculum dedicated to the “study of the Holocaust”, I would make this now-extinct book an “obligatory read”.

The symbolic lesson learnt by the extermination of the final 850,000 was that the senior commanders in Germany had realized that the war was lost, and their personal fate uncertain.

Their dream of the “final solution”-the genocide of the Jewish race would have to be postponed for 70 years.

The U.S., France, and Great Britain were scampering to purchase the thousands of leading Nazi scientists in germ-warfare with the assistance of the International Red Cross and the Vatican.

Weissmandl, as Head of the Jewish Agency, saw this as an unprecedented opportunity to negotiate for the release of the Jews trapped in Hungary.

Hitler continued to scream for the pursuit of his ultimate mission from the bunker, but more rational minds prevailed in conquered territories where senior commanders were less fixated on his shattered dreams.

In fact, if they could barter the Jews, win their own freedom, and resettle the Nazi Scientists, Hitler`s dream could be feasibly be postponed.

And with the U.S. and France keen to set up germ-labs in North Africa, and finance these projects, De Gaulle`s High Commissioner Francois-Poncet was working frantically with Allen Dulles, to smuggle these scientists out of Europe, rather than hunting them down, as the world was lead to believe.

Faced with opportunity to buy Jewish lives in exchange for brokering personal freedom for their captors, Weissmandl efforts ran into a brick-wall.

The West was more interested in buying Nazi`s than freeing Jews.

The primary thrust of De Gaulle`s effort culminated in the construction of a massive secret network of factories and research institutes to advance the brutal Nazi experiments on human beings in Auschwitz. The hideous experiments at Auschwitz conducted on live human-beings were soon being conducted on farm-animals at Beni Ounif.  Secretly testing the Nazi formulas of newly-developed virulent strains of viruses and bacteria.

While Auschwitz was the most sophisticated research-facility ever built for testing the toxicity of chemical and infectious compounds on people Josef Mengele was only one of a team of German physicians at Auschwitz under contract with the prestigious Kaiser Wilhelm Medical Institute in Berlin.

Newly declassified German documents have disclosed that Allen Dulles`s client, I.G. Farben had equipped the Nazi`s with the largest Pathological Laboratory in the world.  (Allen Dulles was Chief of  Middle-Eastern Affairs, in the State Department and was later promoted to U.S. Secretary of State.)

Hundreds of Nazi scientists and physicians were assigned to a barracks on a base at Pullach for General Reinhardt Gehlen, Chief of Nazi Intelligence on the Eastern Front, together with the remnants of the Wehrmacht and SS intelligence.

The reason that the Western Institutions continued silence, and the non-declassification of the role of  Western collusion is that prestigious U.S. institutions such as the Rockefeller Foundation, and Carnegie Fund not only played a major role in advancing this research since before the war, but their lucrative cooperation with the Germans resumed when the war was over. Their participation in this massive research program was only briefly delayed by Germany`s defeat. The mission and intent never faltered.

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