Why the House of Representatives has to repeal Obama-Care tonight.

March 23rd, 2017

I am a retired Medical Professor with special training in Psychiatry, Medicine, Trauma, and Political Terrorism.

I was a Co- Director of Curriculum-Development in Under-graduate Medicine at SUNY,  and spent years in Forensic Psychiatry, working under the Forensic Bureau in Albany.

I`ve published 3 books on Political Terrorism.

I have lectured in Medical Ethics, an Introduction to Clinical Medicine, Clinical Pharmacology, the art of the Medical Interview, and Clinical Pathology, and have presented articles at National Meetings of the American Psychiatric Association and American Geriatric Association.

I have frequently testified as a Medical-Expert in Forensic cases for the State of NY.

I worked for many years as an Assistant Professor and Medical Researcher in Genetics  at Columbia University.

I was Director of Undergraduate Studies at SUNY, Brooklyn, NY.

At the request of the Medical Dean, I designed the New Integrated Neuroscience Curriculum at SUNY which was published in the British Journal of Medical Education.

I am credentialed to practice Medicine and Psychiatry in South Africa, the U.K., Canada, and the U.S.

I have functioned as a Referee for Journals ranging from the American Journal of Psychology, Annals of Pharmacotherapy, Acta Scandinavia, and the Journal of Traumatic Stress, the foremost Journal on Traumatic Psychological Stress.

I have published original clinical research in International Journals of Cardiology, Endocrinology, Infectious Medicine, the International Journal of Social Sciences, the Lancet, and others.

Most of the House Representatives voting tonight don`t really understand Obamacare, while I do.

It pains me to have to advertise my expertise and to claim a deeper understanding of Obamacare (or anything else), were it not critical for the well-being of the citizens of this country.

I have nothing to gain by promoting myself.

I am retired, am in the twilight of my career, and want nothing in return for my opinion.

But today is the hour of reckoning, and you have one chance to repeal the Crown Jewel of Obama`s Presidency.

Repeal it immediately. Replacement can be fine-tuned later.

Since I cannot explain the reason on one foot and expect the audience to understand the danger of Obama-care, I will encompass it in a single “multiple-choice question” to a hypothetical class of First-Responders facing a life and death situation where the outcome depends on your clarity of thought and action. This would be your pass/fail litmus test:


You arrive at the scene of the crises. The citizen in distress is standing on-top of a ladder 50-Meters high. He has a thick rope around his neck, tied to the branch of a tree. Which of the following rescue-functions would you do immediately?

  • Find out if he is single or married?
  •  Find out the distance to the closest public-transport?
  • Obtain a medical history?
  • Call the Hardware Store to find out the resistance of the brand of rope?
  • Remove the rope from the man`s neck and get all the relevant information later ?


Obamacare is the rope around our neck and has to repealed tonight. When you get to understand its intent and methodology you`ll regard this as the wisest choice of your life


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